Pair of Self Adhesive Abrasion-resistant Blister-resistant Back Heel Pads Grips Liners Soft Silicone Gel Anti-skid Foot Care Back Heel Cushion for High Heels Blisters

  • £4.50

Still suffer from the pain of blisters of the foot heel? The practical back heel pads will help you get rid of the pain and well protect your foot. The pads are made of premium soft silica gel for comfortable foot care for the feet heels. Anti-skid and abrasion-resistant features keep you steady and comfortable with every step, relieving and preventing your feet blisters effectively. An ideal feet care heel pads for men, women, kids or people who need protective care for their feet.

- Color: Beige
- Material: silicone and cloth
- Size: Approx. 10.1 * 4. * 1 cm / 3.98 * 1.65 * 0.39 inch (L*W*H).
- Premium cloth and silica gel material, eco-friendly and durable.
- Soft silicone gel cushion, offering your feet comfortable care and massage.
- Anti-skid and thick gel design helps to bridge the gap to keep walking steady if your shoes are slightly big and stop your heels slide out when you walk.
- Abrasion-resistant and comfortable. Soft cloth helps to relieve and prevent feet pain and feet blisters after long walk or running. Enjoy dancing with your gorgeous heels.
- Strong self-adhesive even after washing. Suitable for shoes sports shoes, sandals, flats, pumps, high heels, boots, etc. 
- Lightweight and portable, great necessities for your daily life and convenient for you to carry on trips or hikes.